Fotolia_24533511_XSDistributed Traffic Control Systems

Our portfolio offers a variety of technologies in order to meet your special needs. If you prefer purely SPS driven systems, we can serve you just as well as with computer-supported solutions - upon request also gladly with redundancy plans. We are just as flexible in controlling signals as in integrating primary control systems.

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ETM_redu_grPrimary control systems are used in the street traffic field as well as in large pieces of infrastructure.

They primarily have the task of bundling information and providing them thus to the users so that they can keep track of things even in extreme situations and can control the process safely.

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DSC_7996ticos’ solutions for building automation are complete. From field devices to refined load shedding programs, we offer you everything you need.

Special IO module – developed for building automation – offers a true manual emergency override, also without control system.

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Fotolia_10056325_XSTunnel Lighting

Based on our many years of experience, we know the requirements for tunnel lighting to a tee. With our control systems, we create a balance between safety and environmental compatibility, since they can optimally react to changes in environmental conditions.

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Fotolia_24953207_XSPower grid

Keep an eye on your power grid. Detect outages in fractions of a second and react accordingly. Measure and analyze your power consumption and optimize your equipment.

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