Fotolia_16360313_SAs specialists for tunnel engineering and innovative systems of traffic control technology, we have been directly acquainted with the diverse problems of traffic for over 15 years. Our qualified technicians and engineers from the electronics, electrical engineering and computer science fields provide in a diverse number of ways for safety in street traffic.

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Fotolia_27530238_XSDo you have a distributed control system in use that you urgently need to replace? Then you have come to the right place. Thanks to our own company history and the history of our employees, we also possess experience with the most varying types of distributed control systems of the older generation.

We have developed intelligent solutions for converting your existing application into a modern distributed control system in a surefire and economically-interesting manner.

Our proven "FactoryLink2PVSSII" converter is surely particularly noteworthy in this place, and it transforms your existing FactoryLink distributed control system efficiently and qualitatively flawlessly into a modern PVSSII application.

DSC_7996Ticos E&S AG solutions for building automation contain intelligent distributed control systems for regulating and monitoring all of a building’s technical systems in the field of primary and secondary equipment.

We also offer you a broad spectrum of extra functions, such as for example: timing programs, production data acquisition, a reporting scheme, various optimization functions, load management and much more. 

Profit from our experience, in particular also in replacing control systems that have gotten old.